Kapil Navin Lakhani


Mastery - Being  Knowing  Doing 



I was born in East Africa, Tanzania and have been fortunate to be living in the UK past 25 years. I have always been very active


(playing various sports) from a very young age. Fast forward to 1990’s, high school to University, I was still engaged in sports mainly


martial arts, sprinting and strength training. I made a choice more than 20 years ago that no matter what life throws at me I will


always respect my body and emotional health (self-esteem). With time and life experiences I have learnt a lot and confronted with


many  challenges but I never I gave in to those challenges. I saw every failure as feedback and kept pushing forward and tried my


best to make most of the ‘here and now’ moments.



In  2009 I set a goal to explore different countries in order to gain knowledge and experiences with other cultures. I have visited USA,


Canada, France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, Turkey, 


Hungary, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal and Iceland. My passion for travelling is still strong with more places to explore in the





My aim is to share all that I have learnt with anyone who wants to make a change especially with their emotional and physical


health. I can assure you that by taking a step to improve these two pillars, you will also achieve successes in other areas of your life










In addition to my BSc in sports sciences I am also registered and insured by 'Register of exercise professional's', REP's, UK. My


personal training qualifications are endorsed by American council on exercise. I have various 'YMCA fit' & 'Premier Global' UK 


qualifications such as advance gym instructor, GP referral, coaching the disabled (special population), indoor cycling & suspended


movement training instructor, mental health first aid youth and adults. I am also affiliated with Choi-Kwang Do martial arts association


since 1996 as a martial arts practitioner and a Chief instructor (2002). I am currently training for my 3rd Dan black belt grading in 2018.