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Read what my clients have to say



"Kapil is a dedicated personal trainer who tailors each programme for the individual taking care to provide variety and challenge whilst expertly judging how much exercise is appropriate. Sessions are intense, varied and enjoyable and Kapil provides plenty of encouragement and coaching on techniques and the correct way of exercising. Advice also extends to diet and healthy living and he advocates a healthy approach to life. Always punctual and courteous, Kapil offers a very professional service if you just want to lose weight and get into shape or take on a major fitness challenge.


- Tom Singer, East Sheen





"I highly recommend Kapil to everyone. I have seen REAL results. He is an excellent personal trainer - very knowledgeable and


really gets you motivated. He goes the extra mile to understand what you want, setting goals and making sure you exceed them!"


- Helen, East Sheen



"My name is Nick Saunders and I ran the 2014 Marathon des Sables (MdS), an ultra marathon race covering 6 marathons in 6


consecutive days across the Sahara. The person I chose to prepare me for this event – known as "the toughest footrace on earth" 


was Kapil Lakhani. He took me through a comprehensive 6 month training programme, specifically tailored to help me finish the


MdS. He worked on my general fitness, endurance, strength, mobility, flexibly and agility. He also gave me advice on nutrition, diet,


training principles, everything I needed to successfully complete the race. We met once every two weeks for a personal training


session where he gave me specific exercises and drills. These were tough and demanding – exactly what I needed to build up my


fitness levels. He is a brilliant coach: knowledgeable, professional, patient, fun yet focused. He knows his stuff and is superb at


knowing how hard to push his clients. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not have successfully completed the Marathon des


Sables without his coaching sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone."


- Nick Saunders; Motivational speaker, East Sheen



"I’m 67 years of age and went to Kapil some 9 months ago wanting to improve my suppleness. Definitely not wanting to go into old


age feeling stiff and lethargic. Kapil took me running in Richmond Park (Probably the most fabulous urban park in the world). Had


you asked me if I would go jogging before I met Kapil, the answer would have been a great big, resounding no! But, I absolutely love


it, and am very disappointed if I can’t make a session. Kapil eased me into it with a mixture of jogging, brisk walking and a plethora of


exercises for strength and mobility. The whole regime has made me feel so much healthier, more active and given me loads of


additional stamina. Kapil is someone you can trust with your body, he has turned the clock back 10 years for me – running for a bus


and flights of stairs are now no problem. Worth every penny."


- Cresswell, Barnes



"I thought the training programme was really helpful and focused purely on my strengths and weakness, the programme enabled me


to gradually progress and become more confident in the exercises, helping both my physical and mental wellbeing. I would highly


recommend an exercise programme designed by Kapil either for a general training log or to improve on a certain exercise


weakness. 10/10."


- Bella Arnold, Farnham



"Kapil has been my personal trainer for the past 18 months. In that time my overall strength and fitness have improved dramatically.


Kapil is very good at making sure each part of my body gets exercised whilst focussing on the areas that are my main concern. I


would highly recommend Kapil to anyone wanting to lose weight or just get fit. He is very knowledgeable and professional and takes


pride in what he does which is reflected in the effort he puts in."


- Amy Smith, East Sheen



"I first worked with Kapil while training for the London Duathlon. He assessed my fitness levels and created a periodised programme


for me. What was particularly useful with this method was that I was able to steadily build up my training intensity without having to


worry about overtraining. Kapil had calculated the exact number of rest days and I was able to peak at the right time, i.e. on race


day. I have also worked with Kapil on overhauling my out of date resistance programme. Kapil has an excellent knowledge of


musculature and the appropriate exercises required to build a balanced physique. Every 3 or 4 weeks Kapil has changed my


programme which has added variety and kept me motivated. I particularly like that I know exactly what workout I will be doing on any


given day and I don't have to spend any time planning what to do next. I would highly recommend him."


- Robert Heeley, Richmond



"Kapil's approach to training was really refreshing, he gave me a great programme which focused on my goals and motivated me to


want to train more often. He was realistic and made sure that my programme was varied and tailored to my needs. I am really


enjoying the training and challenges he has set me."


- Gemma Hunt, Richmond